Under the Tuscan Sun

Pear and Pecorino

Ciao! I just got back from an amazing 12-day trip to Tuscany. Of course, my top priority was: eat as much pasta as possible. I think I did a pretty good job, especially since I'm eating for two (that's right, a baby gnocchi Leaird is on her way- due in October!). The regional pastas of Tuscany are just awesome- pappardelle, pici, gnudi, oh my!- and I would need at least another year to really get my fill. Mostly, I made these pasta shapes by hand up at the villa I was staying in (on top of a mountain in Chianti land) for my 10 fellow travelers. But on a day-trip into Florence one day, I stumbled upon this gem: pecorino and pear ravioli. Delightful!

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