Why I made this Blog

I can't stop thinking about pasta. Ever since I returned from my studies and restaurant stage in Italy, I have been transforming my Oakland kitchen into a mini pastificio daily. I spend my days kneading dough by hand, rolling it into ropes, and shaping each piece of pasta over my thumb to emulate the mamas and nonnas I watched in Puglia on a mission to recreate authentic orecchiette. While my Oakland "pasta lab" has been great for practice, there's still so much more to learn!

So my plan? I'm going back to Italy to embark on a 3-week pasta research trip during which I will visit traditional pasta-makers, wheat mills, and modern pasta production sites throughout the country.

And, I will be documenting the whole trip with anecdotes, lessons learned, technical information, and of course... many photos right here.

Presenting.... KNEAD PASTA PROJECT: A blog about pasta. Thanks for reading!


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